Private Jets for Sale

On the aviation web site you will find many of future private, business, corporate and personal jet airplanes being designed and marketed for sale today. The general aviation industry is filled with private companies vying for a position and share of the jet airplane market.

There are three big companies striving to reach the goal of designing, producing and selling personal and private jet airplanes: Eclipse Aviation, Maverick Jets and Cessna’s Mustang.

All three have several things in common: their jet airplanes are attractive, sleek and aerodynamic – but only one - Maverick Jets –has had its private personal jet both flying and in production.

The race is now on to see which of these aviation companies will be the first to achieve the second goal: certification.
Click on any of the 14 links below and you will find the latest information relative to that specific aviation company and the private jet airplanes that they are selling.
A list of the features of each jet airplane is made along with other pertinent aeronautical information.

Adam A700

Aerostar FJ-100
Archedyne Nauticair 450
ATG Javelin
Cessna Citation Mustang
CMC Leopard Six
Comp Air CA-Jet
Diamond D-Jet
Eclipse 500
Honda Jet
Maverick Jets Leader
Safire S-26
ViperJet MK II
Visionaire Vantage


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