Aerostar FJ-100

Aerostar hopes to acquire another $50M in funding to push forward in building its prototype so that it can have a demonstration aircraft as early as the second half of 2004. It plans to use the Williams FJ-33 engines to fly eight people (2 cockpit, 6 pax) at 402 kts with a range of 1,700 NM. The expected cruising altitude will be 41,000 ft. This aircraft is based on the Piper Aerostar 600 twin piston.

Cruise Speed 402 ktas
Ceiling 41,000 ft (12,497 m) maximum certified
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 1,700 NM
Takeoff Distance 1,950 ft
Engine Type (2) Williams FJ33-1
Engines Takeoff thrust 1,200 lbf
Wingspan 36 ft 8 in
Outside Overall height 14 ft 6 in
Outside Overall length 38 ft 7 in
Baggage Capacity Volume 24 cu ft
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) 3,150 lb


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