Archedyne Nauticair 450

This novel concept of an amphibian jet employs a patented wing design to allow it to land on water as well as conventional runways. The company expects that this aircraft will be powered by two Williams FJ44-2 engines to take the plane 1,800NM. The Nauticair is expected to carry one pilot and eight passengers. Unfortunately, due to some financial and legal difficulties, the prototype is at least three to four years away.


Cruise Speed 448 KTAS (515 mph / 0.743 Mach)
Ceiling 40,000 ft
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 1800 NM
Takeoff Distance 2,100 ft /3,000 ft (est.)
Engine Type (1) Williams FJ44-2
Engines Takeoff thrust 2,300 lbf
Wingspan 47 ft 6 in
Outside Overall height 14 ft 10 in
Outside Overall length 52 ft 6 in
Baggage Capacity Volume No Information Available
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) 1,630 lbs (est.)


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