ATG Javelin

The Javelin looks like a cross between a T-38 Talon and a F/A-18 Hornet. ATG expects to mount two Williams FJ-33-4 turbofan engines on this two seat jet. The company plans on producing a non-conforming prototype November 2003 with a first flight sometime the year after. The plane's expected range is 1,250 NM, flying at a speeds up to 528 KTS (Mach 0.92). Expected Ceiling will be 49,000 ft.


Cruise Speed 528 KTAS
Ceiling 49,000 ft
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 1,250 nm
Takeoff Distance No Information Available
Engine Type (2) Williams FJ-33-4
Engines Takeoff thrust 3,000 lbs.
Wingspan 20 ft
Outside Overall height 10 ft 6 in
Outside Overall length 35 ft 5 in
Baggage Capacity Volume No Information Available
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) 200 lbs


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