Maverick Jets' LEADER

The LEADER soars through the skies powered by two Williams FJ-33-4 engines, rated at 1,100 lbs of thrust each. This five-to-six place stylish jet utilizes an all composite airframe using carbon-fiber/Nomex and fiberglass materials. The LEADER races to 31,000 ft at 350 KTS, easily achieving a range of 1,200 NM.

This sports-car jet is equipped with the latest in glass cockpit technologies, providing the pilot with superb situational awareness. Cutting edge technology allows the LEADER exceptional protection against known icing conditions.

The Maverick LEADER is the only aircraft of the group that is delivering the custom jets and has customers already in the air. A FAR 23 certified version is expected to be available in a few years.

Cruise Speed 412 kts.
Ceiling 31,000 ft.
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 1,508 nm.
Takeoff Distance 1,800 ft.
Engine Type (2) Williams International FJ33-4
Engines Takeoff thrust 1,100 lbf.
Wingspan 33.25 ft.
Outside Overall height 9 ft.
Outside Overall length 28.5 ft.
Baggage Capacity Volume 35 cubic ft.
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) No Information Available


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