Safire S-26

The Safire S-26 is currently using a scale model for wind tunnel testing. Safire has recently selected the Williams FJ-33 to power the aircraft. It is still evaluating avionics suites and landing gear systems. Safire expects to have a flying prototype some time in the first quarter of 2004, with possible certification in December 2005. The aircraft will feature a six place configuration with an aft lavatory compartment. The empennage will have a cruciform tail configuration. Maximum proposed speed is 340 KTS, flying at a ceiling of 37,000 ft.

Cruise Speed 375 ktas 695 km/hr
Ceiling 41,000 ft 12.5 km
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 1,300 nm 2,400 km
Takeoff Distance 3,120 ft (951 m) at MTOW
Engine Type (2) FJ-33
Engines Takeoff thrust 1,100 lb thrust each 4.9 kN
Wingspan 39.2 ft 12.0 m
Outside Overall height 14.6 ft 4.5 m
Outside Overall length 36.6 ft 11.1 m
Baggage Capacity Volume 14 cu. ft
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) 800 lb.
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