Viperjet MKII

This two seat kit uses the GE J-85 ex-military turbojet engines to climb 12,000 fpm at a speed up to 450 KTS. The MK II has a range between 800 and 1000 NM. An unpressurized prototype is currently flying. This kit is a composite aircraft, using vacuumed carbon fiber with 1/2 inch honeycomb core.

Cruise Speed 450 kts
Ceiling No Information Available
Range (w/ 45-minute reserves) 800-1000 s.m.
Takeoff Distance 1,200 ft.
Engine Type (1) General Electric J-85
Engines Takeoff thrust 2850 lbf
Wingspan 25.83 ft.
Outside Overall height No Information Available
Outside Overall length 24.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity Volume No Information Available
Payload with maximum fuel (single-pilot) 100 lbs.


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